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    How to order at Italian restaurants for weight loss, according to Atlanta dietitians.

    October 28, 2016


    The heady scent of garlic and the never-ending bread basket make ordering at an Italian restaurant quite a challenge for the health conscious. But you can still enjoy your meal and make clean choices, say these Atlanta dietitians. Read on for ways to handle ordering at an Italian restaurant from two nutrition experts:


    Registered dietitian Juliana Nagy practices in Sandy Springs and is an admitted foodie who spent nine months studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. "The greatest challenge when you eat out is portion size," she said. "I recommend ordering a half-size, or lunch-size, pasta entrée and a house salad at an Italian restaurant."


    If a restaurant won't accommodate the smaller portion request at dinner, Nagy suggests ordering a to-go box to arrive as your dinner is served. "Split your food in half and box the other half," she said.

    "Always eat a simple salad before your main course," she added. "It will help to curb your hunger. And if you possibly can, refuse the bread."



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